160301ptec250The 16th Annual Partnership Training and Education Centres Commandants' Conference (PTEC CC) took place in Tirana, Albania as a part of the NATO Training Synchronisation Conference (TSC2016), on Tuesday 1 March 2016.

PTEC CC is conference is designed to identify areas of mutual co-operation to advance the principle goals and areas of practical military cooperation as described in the North Atlantic Council approved Concept. The aim of this annual conference was to integrate efforts in order to meet current and future education and training requirements. PTEC commandants had an opportunity to receive updates on specific issues from different NATO entities and share experience and best practises. Three multilateral break-out sessions were included in the agenda in order to foster discussion on how PTECs can work together for the benefits of the PTEC Community, NATO and Partner Education and Training.

PTEC CC attendees also participated in the NATO Individual Training and Education Conference (NITEC) and other general TSC events.

The participants of the PTEC CC 2016 included Commandants and representatives from 25 out of 29 PTECs, together with representatives from:

  • International Staff (IS),
  • International Military Staff (IMS),
  • HQ Supreme Allied Commander Transformation (HQ SACT),
  • Military Partnership Directorate (MPD),
  • NATO School Oberammergau (NSO).

In addition two PTEC candidates, the Hungarian Defence Forces Peace Support Training Centre (HDF PSTC) and the USA Peacekeeping and Stability Operations Institute (PKSOI) attended the PTEC CC 2016 as observers.

Joint Special Operations University (JSOU), USA briefed on its experiences with NATO quality assurance and lessons identified. The GSCP (by VTC), GE UN TC and SWEDINT delivered introductory briefings on “Emerging threats”, “Comprehensive approach to crisis management – Integrated training “ and “Regional cooperation” which were further discussed in break-out sessions (Syndicates) led by CCCPA, AUTINT and FINCENT.

For more detail, please see PTEC CC Minutes under PTEC Community Share Page.

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