170714hrv400Supreme Allied Commander Transformation General Denis Mercier welcomed Croatian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Defence, H.E Mr Damir Krstičević, to NATO’s home in North America in Norfolk, Virginia. Minister Krstičević and General Mercier discussed the Transatlantic bond between Europe and North America, NATO/EU relations and NATO’s innovation and adaptation to meet future security challenges.

To meet those challenges NATO must adapt the NATO Command Structure and may utilize a Persistent Federated Approach both being influenced by the work of NATO’s Allied Command Transformation.

The goal of the NATO Command Structure adaptation is to make NATO capable of transitioning seamlessly along the sliding scale of peacetime, crisis and conflict. The Persistent Federated Approach supports this goal, enhancing the Alliance’s day-to-day interoperability through habitual relationships between the Command Structure, Allied nations, partners, and their forces and commands. It ensures that the activities of Allies and partners can improve early warning, continuous and comprehensive awareness, as well as NATO’s responsiveness in a complex security environment.

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