2017tsc logo 300The 2017 NATO Training Synchronisation Conference (TSC) will be conducted from Wednesday 22 to Friday 24 February 2017 in Sofia, Bulgaria. The TSC is the flagship NATO Training and Education event. Addressees are kindly invited to plan their attendance based upon the outline programme available on the TSC webpage.

The TSC has proved to be an excellent forum to bring together Education and Training (E&T) specialists from the NATO Command Structure (NCS) and NATO Force Structure (NFS) HQs, together with Allied and Partner Nations to brief and discuss the latest developments across the whole spectrum of E&T. Based on last recommendations, the format of the TSC 2017 has been updated to include more E&T practitioners with the aim of achieving better synchronisation.

Still the TSC, apart from some plenary sessions, will not be a conference itself but must be seen as an event encompassing several conferences and meetings with their specific objectives and attendees: the Combined NCS and NFS training community meeting, the Annual Partnership Training and Education Centres Commandants’ Conference (PTEC CC), the NATO Training and Exercise Conference (NTEC) and the NATO Individual Training and Education Conference (NITEC). Since the Department Head (DH) Forum, conducted for the first time in 2015, proved to be a valuable meeting, this venue is included again. By conducting these meetings in the same week at a single location, HQ SACT aims to minimise costs, and improve the cooperation and coordination between the various strands of NATO’s E&T activity (Policy, Individual Training and Exercises).

Thank you, and please contact one of the admins if you have any questions.

2017tsc outline


Training Synchronisation Conference - ACT OPR
Murat Balci, NCN: 555-3633
Admin POC for Registration
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Combined NCS/NFS Training Community Meeting
Stuart Furness NCN: 555-3941
DH Forum
Bradley White NCN: 555-3602
Cameron Conger NCN: 555-3190
Rustam Gozalov NCN: 555-4154
David Stoffel NCN: 555-4289


Participants are requested to fill the registration form posted on TRANSNET at the following link:
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To apply for a TRANSNET account please follow the link below:
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You can find the TSC link on NATO Education Training and Exercise Community of Interest page.

Please be informed that all NATO partners are welcome to attend the TSC 2017 but without NATO MPD funding/subsidization. Thank you for your cooperation.

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