Thursday, July 30, 2015
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TIDE Sprint

tide logo250TIDE Sprint is ACT's think tank initiative for achieving and maintaining Information, Decision and Execution Superiority in support of NATO's Consultation, Command and Control (C3) efforts. The first of the two annual events takes place from 27 April to 1 May 2015 in Berlin, Germany. TIDE Sprints use a combination of show-and-tell brainstorming, collaboration, education, demonstration, coding and testing in a non-constraint and non-hierarchical environment to explore new ideas as well as exploit and evolve existing and emerging technologies.

As the NATO Command leading military transformation, Allied Command Transformation organises this conference for the 25th time, establishing a platform to identify future challenges and its military implications. The conference brings together scientists, operators, IT experts, engineers and managers from a military, academic and industry background. This year, more than 250 participants from 22 nations attend the one week Conference in Berlin hosted by Germany, focussing on seven tracks in the following areas:

  • Federated Mission Networking
  • Command and Control
  • Enterprise Architecture
  • Technology
  • Allied Joint Publication 6 (AJP6) Study Draft
  • Maritime Situational Awareness

TIDE Sprint is driven by its participants' demands; therefore, ACT is open to new tracks which are considered of benefit to the TIDE community. TIDE Sprint participants are "a coalition of the willing". Although under the guidance of ACT, they gather without a strong top-down infrastructure or complicated agreements. Participants are requested to share knowledge, designs, standards and codes with each other and strongly encouraged to enter collected information at TIDEPEDIA, an online collaboration platform which is a part of the overarching TIDE initiative.

Additional information about the TIDE Sprint, including a detailed agenda, administration, presentations and reports, is published on TIDEPEDIA, - access to this password-protected website can be requested via the POC, providing: first and last name, telephone, internet email, function, and organisation or command.

The overall classification is not higher than NATO UNCLASSIFIED. All sessions are conducted in English only.

Pre-Registration for the autumn 2015 TIDE Sprint - to be held in Virginia Beach from 26 to 30 October - will be announced later in the year.

Point of Contact (POC) at HQ SACT:
CPO Tim Jones
Phone: +1 757 747 4160

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