Friday, May 27, 2016
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Strategic Military Partner Conference

apple iconSMPC 2016 POINT OF CONTACT: Please direct queries to:

Major Abidin Volkan TAS, Turkish Army

Tel: +1 (757) 747-3174


INTRODUCTION: SMPC is a two-day, Chief of Defence-level event hosted by Allied Command Transformation to discuss military-specific issues of transformation common to allies and partners.

BACKGROUND: Starting in 2005, SACT directed the Command to host an annual seminar that brought senior military representatives from allied and partner nations together outside political frameworks. 11 years on, SMPC is a fixture on NATO’s calendar; it is a focal point for allies and partners to discuss long-term issues related to the transformation of military partnership.


  • Deliver project objectives within time, resource and budget constraints.
  • Align discussion topics and outputs to concurrent efforts taking place in ACT, ACO, IS/IMS, and the major Combatant Commands.
  • Establish a baseline awareness of core partnership activities taking place in the Alliance, with focus on areas of work carried out by ACT.
  • Identify innovative solutions and challenges pertaining to partnership.

CONTENT AREAS: SMPC 2016 will synthesise latest thinking regarding the transformation of partnerships in the military domain across the global commons.

  • Day 1 (Subject Matter Expert Day): discussions will focus on the domains in which forces of allied and partner nations are likely to operate together: maritime, air/space, cyber, and land.
  • Day 2 (Chiefs of Defence Plenary Day): discussions will focus on partnership in the Global Commons of sea, air, space, cyber, and the land domain. Focal areas will include issues that transcend all domains, .e.g., defence innovation, autonomous systems, and special operations.

WORKSHOPS: Four planning workshops (Maritime, Air/Space, Land and Cyber) will be held to generate sound ideas that include a broad arc of thematic areas at the political-military level. Working with acknowledged experts across the military-civilian domain, workshops aim to merge and orient discussions and ideas over the near, mid, or long term horizon.

  1. "NATO Partnership in the Maritime Domain—On, Above and Below the Seas" | 15-16 September 2015 | Singapore
  2. "Practical Cooperation in the Air and Space Domains: Partnership in the Skies and Beyond"| 23 November 2015 | Essen, Germany
  3. "NATO Partnership on Land—amidst Terrorism, Instability, and Humanitarian Crises" | 13-14 January 2016 | Izmir, Turkey
  4. "Partnership in the Cyber Domain: Reinforcing the Resilience of Allies and Partners" | 18-19 May 2016 | The Hague, The Netherlands

Partners' willingness to engage in the preparation, execution, and discussions at the above workshops will be the key to the success of conference.