140924abcd-400General Paloméros participated in a panel discussion entitled Technology Race and Defence: The future of Western technological dominance in military affair, September 25, during the Annual Baltic Conference on Defence (ABCD) in Tallinn, Estonia.

The ABCD is a regional forum for intellectual debate among members of the security and defence community – policymakers, military officials, academics, analysts and media representatives – on defence issues pertinent to NATO and the EU.

After a welcome speech delivered by Sven Mikser, Minister of Defence, Estonia, General Paloméros and the Norwegian Minister of Defence, Ine Eriksen Søreide, contributed as keynote speakers. SACT took the opportunity to publicly thank Estonian leaders for the recent signature of a memorandum of understanding with NATO regarding the use of the country's "state of the art" Cyber Range.

"Our common aim is to maintain advantage in Cyber Defence against various types of threats to our networks, ranging from cyber criminals to state-sponsored hacktivists," he said.

Concerning the theme of this conference, as the Strategic Commander for Transformation, responsible for the Capability Development of the Alliance in a time of heavy budget constraints, SACT said that if technological dominance is a land mark of the Western way of warfare, "this domination is challenged, requiring development of a new approach to technology in military affairs."

SACT concluded by encouraging the leaders attending the conference to continue to embrace the possibilities of technologies looking to the past to help guide the Alliance's future in technological dominance.

"In terms of ends, ways and means, we must keep in mind that technology remains a way and should never be the end in itself," he said. "For the last 70 years, it has brought peace and security in an uncertain world to nearly 900 million people empowered by superior technologies."

"...we owe our freedom to those who serve unselfishly and risk their lives for our Alliance and I would also like to thank you for your effort to empower them with efficient and cost-effective technologies," he concluded.