Friday, May 22, 2015
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NATO Resource Conference 2014

resconf2014-200In close cooperation between NATO HQ International Staff, International Military Staff, the Strategic Commands, and the National Representatives, the 4th NATO Resource Conference will be held on 27-28 March 2014 in Tirana, Albania.

This event will provide a unique opportunity for key national decision makers across all resource areas, to obtain valuable insight in work that is planned for and ongoing within the NATO Resource Communities.

It will also provide an excellent opportunity for an exchange of views, clarification of positions and identification of challenges and risk that may lay ahead.

These exchanges will enable all participants to increase their awareness, obtain better understanding and to express their views, ideas and options to allow for those to be taken into consideration during future deliberations on these, whether at national level, within NATO HQ or at Command level.

By pooling and sharing knowledge, experience, ideas and views, we will be able to collectively make better informed decisions.

A central thread throughout the conference will be an integrated approach to decision making taking into account all resources, their characteristics, their strength and weaknesses and how we best can utilized these in a manner that will create synergies, and enable us to maintain, enhance and obtain those capabilities required for todays and tomorrows security environment.

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