The Innovation Hub is the place where experts collaborate and design solutions meeting NATO challenges. By bringing together people with different backgrounds or perspectives, the Innovation Hub generates a better understanding of the issues, and fosters innovation.


The products delivered by the Innovation Hub are available to all of its members.

They include:

  • Access to a broad community of experts from inside and outside NATO
  • An online collaborative platform to interact with the community
  • A knowledge base of all the topics addressed by the Innovation Hub
  • Innovative concept papers aiming at meeting NATO and Nations' future capability challenges
  • The opportunity to ask your questions or propose your solutions

Who should join the Hub?
The Innovation Hub gathers three communities:

  • The END USERS. NATO and nations military and their operational partners, who express their operational needs.
  • The PROVIDERS. Experts from Academia, Industry, Science and Technology who contribute their solutions to the capability design process.
  • The CAPABILITY DESIGNERS. NATO and nations personnel responsible for translating the providers' contributions into solutions meeting the end users' needs.

When to join the Hub?
Anybody can initiate a discussion at any time. The Innovation Hub also organises events focused on specific topics. Visit the Website to keep informed about ongoing and future events.

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