Monday, February 08, 2016
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The Challenge is set for Student Ambassadors to shape NATO's decision-making The 2016 'Model NATO Challenge' started in earnest on 4 February as 42 students from 14 High Schools in the Hampton Roads area, selected to represent each or the 28 Alliance nations, as well as 6 alternates and 8 members of the "press Corps", attended an orientation event organised by the Norfolk NATO Festival Education Committee.
Hampton Roads University Students Contribute to NATO Innovation Using a 'table top' battlefield to simulate a military offensive, university students from Hampton Roads collaborated with local military 'thinkers' to develop ideas that may help shape future NATO operations.
NATO Helps Improve Ukraine's C-IED Capacity From 25 to 29 January 2016, a Counter-Improvised Explosive Devices (C-IED) Awareness Course (CIAC) was conducted at the Demining Center of the Ukrainian Defense Forces in Kamianets-Podolsky, located in the Western part of Ukraine, close to the Romanian border.
Secretary General’s Annual Report shows cuts in defence spending have almost stopped The year 2015 showed how insecurity abroad directly affects our security at home, but it also showed that the Alliance is responding, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said during the presentation of his Annual Report today (28 January, 2016).

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ACT Featured Conferences

  • Training Synchronisation Conference

    The 2016 NATO Training Synchronisation Conference (TSC) will be conducted from Tuesday 1 to Thursday 3 March 2016 in Tirana, Albania. The TSC is the flagship NATO Training and Education event. Addressees are kindly invited to plan their attendance based upon the outline programme available on the TSC webpage. The TSC has proved to be an excellent forum to bring together Education and Training (E&T) specialists from the NATO Command Read More
  • NATO Urbanisation Project

    ACT is currently conducting a NATO Urbanisation Conceptual Study and Experiment to examine the impact on NATO military operations of potential crises situations in urban systems and consequences of Urbanisation in 2035. Participants from 17 NATO nations, 16 NATO Centres of Excellence (COE), academia, industry, and Allied Command Operations (ACO) are researching the challenges and strategic implications of Urbanisation. Why is the Urbanisation Study and Experiment important?In 2008, the world Read More
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SACT Seminar focuses on future challenges

sact seminarSupreme Allied Commander Transformation (SACT), French Air Force General Stephane Abrial hosted the SACT Seminar in Washington D.C. Tuesday 28 February.

Among many high level attendees were NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen, United States’ Acting Under Secretary of Defense for Policy Dr Jim Miller, and the NATO Military Committee with its chairman General Knud Bartels.

The SACT Seminar is one of five key, strategic engagement events for ACT that brings together NATO’s political and military leaders. It is designed so that participants have an opportunity to engage in in-depth discussions on issues concerning transformation – which assists in maintaining a high level of security for all Nations, the ultimate goal of the Alliance.

This year, however, the seminar had a unique twist; instead of focusing solely on ACT’s work, the event was used as a milestone towards the upcoming NATO Summit in Chicago in May.

“Issues related to capabilities, which are central to ACT’s mission, will be among the most prominent in Chicago,” said Abrial. “It makes perfect sense that the preparations for Chicago will be the key focus of this seminar.”

sact seminar press conference“Stakes higher than ever”

“Today, it is apparent that the stakes are higher than ever for the Alliance to continue its Transformation and address the way it will design, develop and deploy the capabilities required to fulfill its level of ambition,” Abrial said in his opening remarks. “The emerging security challenges and requirements [that are] needed to meet them are in no way receding. Challenges linked to the growing availability of high-end capabilities, conventional and non-conventional, to a variety of actors, not all of them well intentioned.”

NATO Secretary General, Anders Fogh Rasmussen stated, “I know that many of you here, from ‘think tanks’, academia and industry enjoy a close working relationship with Allied Command Transformation. This means that we have already had significant contributions from you to our work. Today we have an opportunity to exchange views, in a slightly wider format and this allows me to seek your support, on a subject that is vital for the Alliance’s future – capability development.”

The opening remarks were followed by various sessions, the first of which was on “Smart Defence” and “NATO 2020 and Beyond” where participants were encouraged to share ideas and practices to improve the NATO Alliance in a way that financially troubled member nations can afford.

More (NATO Headquarters Website)

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