Sunday, May 29, 2016
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HQ SACT Office of the Gender Advisor

The primary responsibilities of the ACT Gender Advisor are:

  • Provide direct support to the Commander on implementing UNSCR 1325 and integrating gender perspective throughout HQ SACT and ACT;
  • Act as the coordination officer throughout ACT for implementing UNSCR 1325 and integrating gender perspective in the planning, conduct and evaluation of all ACT tasks, including an ACT Action Plan to advance UNSCR 1325 Issues and gender perspective;
  • Implement Bi-SC Directive 40-1 on "Integrating UNSCR 1325 and Gender Perspectives in the NATO Command Structure Including Measures for Protection During Armed Conflict" throughout ACT;
  • Oversee the development and implementation of gender-related training in NATO education and training programs;
  • Coordinate gender training policies, opportunities and requirements with NATO policy;
  • support the development and implementation of gender related events and incidents in NATO exercises conducted at JWC, JFTC and other NATO facilities, including embedding Gender Advisors and UNSCR 1325 and gender perspective issues within scenarios;
  • Proactively establish and maintain contacts with international and nongovernmental organizations working in the fields of gender in order to share and exchange information that advances gender perspective.

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MAJ Stephanie Nicol, French Army
Tel: +1 (757) 747-3165

7857 Blandy Rd.
Norfolk, VA 23551