NATO Long-Term Military Transformation (LTMT)

icon ltmtThe Long-Term Military Transformation programme is Allied Command Transformation’s process for anticipating and preparing for the ambiguous, complex and rapidly changing future security environment. The first component is the Strategic Foresight Analysis. The second component is the Framework for Future Alliance Operations. The Long-Term Military Transformation informs decisions and actions that are required to prepare the Alliance for tomorrow’s security challenges.

Strategic Foresight Analysis

icon sfa

The Strategic Foresight Analysis Report provides a wide-ranging shared understanding of the future security environment that is expected to unfold out to 2035 and beyond. The Report depicts political, social, technological, economic, and environmental trends and their implications. The latest Strategic Foresight Analysis Report is the 2017 Report, which builds upon the Strategic Foresight Analysis 2013 and 2015 Update Reports.

Framework for Future Alliance Operations

icon ffaoUsing the Strategic Foresight Analysis Reports as its foundation, the Framework for Future Alliance Operations proposes how Alliance forces might plan to transform, and recommends abilities that these forces may need to develop over the next 15 years. The Framework for Future Alliance Operations can be used to inform the NATO Defence Planning Process and be taken into consideration by defence planners to expand the NATO Defence Planning Process into the long-term.


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