Deputy Supreme Allied Commander Transformation (DSACT), Italian Air Force General Mirco Zuliani visited Sweden August 27-28, where he met with the Chief of Defence, the Supreme Commander and the Defence State Secretary.

Among the more prominent topics discussed were Sweden's willingness to move forward with stricter collaboration on Cyber Defence and the Future Mission Network (FMN) project. The Swedish leaders confirmed their commitment to cooperation with NATO Allied Command Transformation. Focus was also on the next Chief of Transformation Conference, which will be held in Norfolk in December.

"I appreciate the level of engagement with NATO of Sweden", General Zuliani said, "likewise how Sweden is presently engaged in two NATO-led operations, such as ISAF [International Security Assistance Force] and KFOR [Kosovo Force]."

"Moreover" he said, "in the light of the Ukraine – Russia crisis, the importance of relationship between NATO and Sweden has increased."

With regards to the Connected Force Initiative (CFI), DSACT and the Swedish authorities agreed that training and exercises provide the essential opportunities to preserve and enhance the interoperability, albeit both have to consider where they might improve.

DSACT's visit also included stops at the Amphibious Regiment and Fourth Naval Squadron where he toured several ships.

This was the second visit to a Partnership for Peace (PfP) nation this week to engage leaders in dialogue on ways to improve interoperability and strengthen cooperation between NATO and PfP nations. Before he came to Sweden, General Zuliani visited Finland to meet with leaders of that country.