Thursday, September 03, 2015
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Chiefs of Transformation Conference & Round Table / Partner Round Table 2014

cotc logo 250Headquarters, Supreme Allied Commander Transformation, will host the 2014 Chiefs of Transformation Conference on December 16-18 in downtown Norfolk, Virginia.

The Chiefs of Transformation (COT) group continues to leverage work across the Alliance by sharing best practices and expanding collaboration amongst the nations.

Following a successful Workshop in Madrid, we are entering the final stages of preparation for our December events. For this year, we will continue the successful Partner Nation Round Table event, which will surely offer unique insights into the world of Transformation.

Please stay tuned for further information, also available on our TRANSNET Site.

POC for the events:
Lieutenant Colonel Jean Louis Gorius
French Army
Transformation Network Branch
Phone: +1 757 747 3548

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The formal collaboration programme established in 2006 between HQ SACT and national Chiefs of Transformation experienced a new successful event.

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