Saturday, October 22, 2016
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Chiefs of Transformations Conference 2016


Headquarters, Supreme Allied Commander Transformation, will host the 2016 edition of the Chiefs of Transformation Conference (COTC) from Tuesday December 13 to Thursday December 15, 2016 in Norfolk, Virginia.

“The Future of Transformation is Right around the Corner”

Transformation is essential for bridging the gaps between now and 2030 while enabling a strategic vision of adaptation and sustainable innovation.

COTC 16 will focus on how NATO and Partners can leverage innovation to shape future capabilities to meet the ambitions of the Warsaw Summit outcomes now while preparing for an increasingly unstable, uncertain, challenging and dangerous world environment in 2030 and beyond.

New for this year, COTC 16 will be an interactive discussion and learning platform to raise awareness regarding innovative and disruptive technologies supported by industry engagement and a Scenario Based Discussion with participation of specialists who are leading today’s private and military advanced technologies. The Chiefs of Transformation Conference is a private event for the NATO and Partner Nations.

If you intend to participate in COTC 16, partially or entirely, you need to register at

The deadline for participants to register online is 29 November, 2016.

Please stay tuned for further information, available on and on the NATO COTC App.
You must be registered for the COTC 16 in order to get access to the COTC APP.


Lieutenant Colonel Gilles GAUNEAU
French Army - Transformation Network Branch
Phone: +1 757 747-3548

GBR NATO Civilian - Transformation Network Branch
Phone: +1 757 747-3706

Mr. Christopher MAYETTE
CTR USA - Transformation Network Branch
Phone:+1 757 747-4299


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