Friday, October 21, 2016
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CD&E Working Group

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CD&E Process Review Workshop

After the annual Concept Development and Experimentation (CD&E) Working Group (WG) at the Westin Virginia Beach Town Center in May of this year, a decision was made to have a 4th day event at the conclusion of the 2015 CD&E Conference in November which is now titled the "2015 CD&E Process Review Workshop" on 19 November in Berlin.

At the CD&E Working Group in May of this year, a need to review the purpose and timing of the CD&E Working Group, and accelerating the identification of CD&E initiatives from NATO bodies, Nations and Centres of Excellence were identified.

A detailed agenda provided as part of the read-a-head package, with a focus on the following themes:

  1. Development of the 2017 CD&E Programme of Work
  2. National Areas of Interest Feedback
  3. The future of the CD&E Working Group and amended CD&E timelines
  4. Modifications to ACT Directive 10-1 (CD&E WG terms of reference)

The CD&E Process Review Workshop is targeted at national organisational representatives in the rank of NATO OF-5 and below, that have extensive knowledge of CD&E activities within their nation. Further information can be obtained by going to the CDE365 Website.

ACT 2015 CD&E WG Coordinators:

Lt Col Andrew Atkinson, Tel +1 (757) 747-3886

Mr. Michael Baynard, Tel +1 (757) 747-3620