Saturday, December 20, 2014
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CD&E Working Group

cde wg14-250The annual Concept Development and Experimentation (CD&E) Working Group (WG) will take place over the period 21-23 April 2015 at the Westin Virginia Beach Town Center Hotel, Virginia Beach, VA, USA.

Whilst the main purpose of the CD&E WG is to conduct the necessary technical validation of the 2016 CD&E proposals, the CD&E WG offers the Nations and other NATO Organisations a real opportunity to discuss and share thoughts and ideas on defence and capability challenges that NATO and Nations are facing that Concept Development and Experimentation can assist in helping to identify solutions. In doing so, the intention is to generate and maintain a strong and connected CD&E community that can find smarter ways of achieving common goals through comparison of CD&E Programmes of Work and where possible, integration national and ACT CD&E activities. The CD&E WG therefore provides a forum for Nations and the wider CD&E community to express their interests, shape and participate in discussion on possible future CD&E activities that could be of benefit to the Alliance. This, however can only be achieved through active participation and therefore the Working Group also relies on proposals for CD&E activity and for presentations/agenda suggestions from the CD&E community.

The CD&E WG is targeted at national and NATO organisational representatives in the rank of NATO OF-5 and below, that have extensive knowledge of CD&E activities within their nation and/or NATO organisation. Go-To-Webinar web conferencing will be made available throughout the event for those unable to attend. This has proven particularly useful for those SMEs wishing to participate in specific agenda items. The Webinar function allows up to 100 people to access the CD&E WG Venue from external locations. This enables targeted sections of the Working Group to be seen by a wider audience and also enables the remote delivery of briefings by individuals/organisations unable to travel to the event.

Language and Classification:
The program is 'NATO UNCLASSIFIED RELEASABLE TO THE INTERNET' and presented and published in English. Translation services will not be available during the WG.

CD&E Working Group Calling Letter:
The calling letter is going through final approvals and will be released no later than mid December 2014. This calling letter will provide the event dates and a request for CD&E proposals/briefings using the forms shown here. You can also find the hotel registration on the Hotel Registration Tab on the upper right side of this page.

Read-ahead Packages, Presentations and other materials:
The read ahead material for the 2015 CD&E WG will be distributed in two parts; the first read-ahead package containing the majority of the CD&E elements for the 2016 CD&E POW will be distributed in late January 2015; the second read-ahead package will be distributed in late-March 2015, just prior to the event.
The WG presentations and other materials will be posted on the ACT CD&E internet portal (UNCLASS) shortly after the conclusion of the WG. Access to this portal requires individual registration here.

ACT 2015 CD&E WG Coordinators:

Mr. Michael Baynard, Tel +1 (757) 747-3620

Lt Col Andrew Atkinson, Tel +1 (757) 747-3886

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